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Our mission

MA-VEN  [māvən]: an expert, one who is experienced or knowledgeable.


With a whole lotta TLC, we strive to bring the highest quality and most innovative desserts along with a world of flavors to life and be a #MAVEN in what we love to do.

Our story

2 sisters. 1 entrepreneurial dream. In 2014, we embarked on a roller coaster journey to create the perfect macaron ice cream. With no culinary background between us, the internet became our best resource. Fast forward to 2015, Mavens Creamery made its debut at a local dessert shop in Northern California and all 400 macaron ice cream sandwiches sold out in 4 hours!


Within 3 years, we moved from our parents’ garage to a small commercial kitchen to our very own full-scale manufacturing plant. Patience, resiliency, and sleepless nights finally paid off!  Mavens Creamery’s premium macaron ice cream is now available in 100+ independent retailers and over 50+ supermarkets.


We strongly believe that when you take one of the oldest desserts (the macaron dates back to the 1700s!) and put a spin on it, you can create an innovative product without being Einstein. But really, to keep it simple – we just hope you love eating the macaron ice cream as much as we love making it for you.



Gwen and Christine Nguyen

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