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Our Flavors

Cookies 'n Cream
Ube Coconut
Salted Caramel
Earl Grey Lavender
Strawberry Shortcake
Coffee Hazelnut
Blueberry Matcha
Chocolate Toasted Almonds
All macarons are almond-flavored.
Macaron ice cream contains: almonds, egg whites, milk, soy, and wheat.
May contain traces of peanuts.

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We truly wanted to find an innovative product that wasn’t available in the Bay Area, California. It was still baffling to us that as diverse as the food culture is in the Bay Area, trendy desserts were lacking. Then we thought, what’s better than to bring two of the oldest goodies in the dessert industry and put them together? That’s when we decided to put the sexiest cookie on earth together with our in-house ice cream and call it a “Macaron Ice Cream.” After what seemed to be a never ending process of R&D and a TON of patience, we finally perfected the macaron ice cream. We’re a strong believer that when you take one of the oldest industries and put a spin on it with a wholelotta #TLC, you can create an innovated product without being Einstein. But really, to keep it simple – we just hope you love the macaron ice cream as much as we love making it for you.

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