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Our macaron ice cream sandwiches are the perfect addition to any party, event, or occasion! We offer several flavors and options for pick-up and delivery.


Please see information below, and when you're ready to order, fill out the order form and we'll send you an invoice so you can pay by credit card.


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Each macaron ice cream is approximately
2" in diameter with 1" of ice cream


10 boxes minimum for catering orders

(applies to pick-up and delivery)


$96/box of 24 count. 1 flavor per box.

Price includes dry ice. Tax not included.


Free pick-up (9am - 4pm, M - F)
Delivery: $80 (9am - 2pm, M - F)


Catering with the Mavens Creamery freezer

is available for orders of 15 boxes or more. 

Freezer rental: $125

(includes freezer frame, display trays, freezer labels)


Setup fee: $60 
Delivery fee: $120 (9am - 2pm, M - F)

Time to place your order

Please complete the order form below so we can finalize your order. Once we receive your response, we will send you an invoice by the next business day (M-F) with the ability to pay by credit card.

Your order needs to be paid in full at least 3 business days before the pick-up or delivery date.

You have questions, we have answers

What is the size of your macaron ice cream?

Our macarons and ice cream are 2” in diameter. Our ice cream is 1” thick.

Are your products gluten-free?

Certain flavors do not contain gluten as an active ingredient. None of our flavors are certified gluten free as we manufacture on shared equipment with gluten. Trace amounts of gluten may be found in all our flavors.

Do you offer sugar free ice cream?

Sorry, we do not offer sugar free ice cream.

Do you offer dairy free ice cream?

Sorry, we do not offer dairy free ice cream. All our ice cream flavors contain eggs and milk.

What’s your top 3 best sellers?

#1 Cookies ‘N Cream, #2 Strawberry Shortcake, #3 Salted Caramel

What’s your most popular flavors for company catering?

#1 Coffee Hazelnut, #2 Cookies ‘N Cream, #3 Chocolate Toasted Almonds

What’s your most popular flavors for kids?

Cookies ‘N Cream and Strawberry Shortcake

Is 1 enough for each person?

It depends. Our macaron ice cream is considered a bite size dessert. If you have other desserts then 1 should be enough. If our macaron ice cream is the only dessert, we recommend 2 per person.

Can I rent the Mavens freezer by itself?

Sorry, we don’t offer the freezer as a standalone rental. If you order more than 1,000 units, we can offer onsite catering with the Mavens freezer. Please see pricing below.

After I remove the macaron ice cream from the catering box, when will it start to melt?

If the catering box comes with dry ice inside, the macaron ice cream will stay frozen at room temperature for 10-15 minutes given that it’s not directly exposed to sunlight.

Can I change the macaron color for a certain flavor?

As a manufacturer that specializes in large volume production, we do not offer custom orders.

What’s the size of each catering box?

Each catering box measures 15-1/8” L x 8-3/4” W x 3” H.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Orders will need to be prepaid in full with a credit card at least 2 business days before the pick-up or delivery date. After you submit the questionnaire, an invoice and bill link will be sent to your email so you can make a payment online or fill out a credit card authorization form so we can process the payment on your behalf.

Are your macarons flavored?

All our macarons are almond-flavored. We use all natural food gel or food powder to color our macarons.

Do you offer free sample tasting?

Sorry, we don’t provide tasting at our facility as it’s a manufacturing facility and not set up for tastings.

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